I grew up with a grandmother who loved me through her cooking.  Her kitchen was warm and comforting and I was always fascinated by her choreographed dance in the kitchen.

As I grew older I started to notice how I felt as I ate different foods.  I began using my kitchen as my medicine cabinet, concocting remedies for different states of imbalance. When I felt a cold coming on I would make a strong ginger tea spiked with lemon and honey or a mild miso soup with vegetables when my stomach was upset.  I have come to recognize and embody the immense connection between the effects of food and energy levels in my own body.

How we eat affects everything: our state of wellness, our sleep patterns, our energy and even our moods.  My food philosophy is rooted in cooking with the freshest, seasonal and locally grown foods available.  I love teaching people how simple, nourishing and delicious food can be.

I’m passionate about turning people on to food that will make them feel healthy, vibrant, and alive. In my spare time, I can be found running, practicing yoga, throwing dinner parties, or reading cookbooks. After living in New York City for 15 years, my husband, daughter and I have moved to Berlin, Germany.carlin eats rice