raw veg salad

I began my cooking career by training at The Natural Gourmet Institute followed by an apprenticeship at The Golden Door Spa in San Diego, CA. I then moved up to San Francisco to work as a pastry chef for two years at Greens. Realizing that I was less interested in working in a restaurant than hosting small dinner parties and working for clients with specific dietary needs, I began to work as a bespoke private chef.

For the last 14 years, I have worked for clients in San Francisco, New York City and The Hamptons. My clients are singles, couples and families with children, all interested in creatively prepared, healthy meals. I have worked with many high profile clients in the financial, entertainment and publishing industries.

My inspiration stems from the Mediterranean Diet. I most love to cook with locally sourced and seasonal produce and I integrate Asian and Mediterranean flavors into my preparations. I always work closely with my clients and tailor my cooking style to meet their specific dietary needs and requests.

In the fall of 2011, I was invited to join the kitchen staff at The American Academy in Rome, Italy to work at The Rome Sustainable Food Project, cooking for the Rome Prize winners and their guests at The American Academy. From there, I continued to work and cook at farms in Sicily and Italy, and to travel abroad in Mexico,  Panama and throughout Europe and the Middle East, including Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Israel. I also organized a farm-to-table project in rural Western Turkey and helped set up a small restaurant in Puglia. My cooking style reflects the varied culinary influences and experiences I have had abroad.